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20Watts (2 X 10W) Gooseneck Arm E27 LED Grow Bulb

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20Watts (2 X 10W) Gooseneck Arm E27 LED Grow Bulb

 hydroponics, we provide light to plants so that they can grow. But they do not need direct sunlight. What plants need is the right type of light and in correct amounts. Using Grow light sources to provide the proper amount of light the crops will need each day, regardless of conditions outdoors, without needing a lot of energy to do so. Also, by using a specific spectrum of visible lighting, you are giving the plants a tailored range ofwavelengths giving them what they need to grow the crop.

Less Heat Emission

However, when the use of grows lights in the indoor hydroponic model, you can adjust their heat to the right amount without decreasing the wavelength plants need. The amount of heat produced by the grow lights is very low.


For indoor hydroponic farming, grow lights, that means to useLED develop lights. On account of the lower interest for power that LED grow lights contain. Plants don’t utilize the whole range of regular lights that falls on them. A regulated plant environment can be attained by powering hydroponic plants with grow lights, which greatlyreduces the need for pesticides and chemical requirement of the plants.

Better Proximity

Because of low heat power, grow lights can be placed nearer to plants. In an indoor hydroponic model grow light can be placed even a few inches away from the plant. This is useful for limited height in their hydroponic model where the lights can be mounted.The size and height of grow lights in indoor hydroponic models allow you to help the lights reach a plant with maximum light.

Faster Harvest Cycle

Plants need sunlight to live-out. They grow best if they receive sufficient sunlight in a day. In indoor hydroponics modelsUsing Grow light sources to provide the proper amount of light the crops will need each day, regardless of conditions outdoors. With grow lights, plants will grow faster in indoor hydroponic farming.

Modular Designs

You can choose grow lights that will best suit your indoor hydroponic model from among many shapes and sizes. They can enhance the overall design of your space while providing your plants with the grow light that they need.The life of HID bulbs is a few thousand hours, these grow lights don’t need to be replaced regularly after installation.

Accurate Spectrum

The grow light’s spectrum of indoor hydroponic farmingmust optimize the potential of your plant, in somelight wavelengths and its proportions, effects the hydroponic plant, such as growth rate, stretching, and photoperiodism also occur. Grow Lights have a wider and more extensive variety for harvesting and plant growth.

Grow Light
Lifespan 50,000 Hrs
Power 20 Watt
Lighting Color 3000K+660NM+450NM+395NM+730NM
Lighting Type LED
Brand Inhydro
Voltage 220V AC

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