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African-Violets Seedling (10 Sapling )

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African-Violets Seedling (10 Sapling )

  • Mphmi Plant African Violet Purple Plant - Saintpaulia Ionantha
  • Mphmi Plants Care and maintenance of the tree to keep it pest free will bring the rewards of fruit which ripens in the winter. They need pruning each year to maintain attractive shape. Cut all deadwood and crossing branches. Prune ornamental citrus to open the crown foliage to let in light and air.
  • Mphmi Plant The plant is used for ornamental purpose
  • Mphmi Fruit Home Use Good Outdoor/Indoors Plants
  • Mphmi plant African violets are commonly propagated asexually. Plants can be divided into smaller daughter plants or even grown from leaf cuttings.[4] Growing African violets from seed is rare and most commercially available plants are produced from cuttings and tissue culture.

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