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Hydroponic Bok choy Upto 250 gm

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    Hydroponic Bok choy Upto 250 gm

    Hydroponic Bok choy upto 250 gm

    The leafy green known as bok choi, or bok choy in America, is a variety of Chinese cabbage. Both the leaves and the stalks have a crisp texture, and the taste falls midway between mild cabbage and spinach. One of the quickest vegetables to prepare is this one. Although it can be eaten raw in salads when very young.


    • Bok Choy is filled with calcium, vitamins, and potassium, and excellent for building and maintaining bone strength.
    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin K
    • Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6
    • Calcium
    • Potassium
    • Phosphorous
    • Selenium
    • Zinc
    • Copper
    • Magnesium

    Farming Technique

    The greens are grown hydroponically

    - Grown in Water, not in soil.
    - Pure RO water is used.
    - No use of pesticides.
    - Free from heavy metals.
    - Energy-saving and eco-friendly.

    Manufacturer Details

    Integrated Hydroponic India Pvt. Ltd. A-25 Noida Sector-59, 201301 Uttar Pradesh

    Marketed By

    Integrated Hydroponic India Pvt. Ltd. A-25 Noida Sector-59, 201301 Uttar Pradesh

    FSSAI License

    Fssai: 12722999000457

    Farms fresh
    Fresh Specification Introducing Hydroponic Bok Choy, a crisp and versatile Chinese cabbage renowned for its leafy greens and crunchy stalks. With a delightful balance between the mild flavors of cabbage and spinach, this vegetable is a quick and easy addition to your culinary repertoire, perfect for raw consumption in salads when young. Packed with essential nutrients, Hydroponic Bok Choy is a true powerhouse for your health. From bone-strengthening calcium to vitamins A, C, and K, along with a spectrum of B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, copper, and magnesium, it offers a holistic boost to your well-being. Tailor your purchase with available unit options of 100-120g, priced at an affordable Rs 79 per unit. Experience the benefits of hydroponic cultivation, where Bok Choy is grown in water to ensure optimal nutrient absorption. Cultivated with pure RO water, it's pesticide-free for purity and health, free from heavy metals, prioritizing safety. This method is not only environmentally friendly but also energy-saving. For your assurance, Hydroponic Bok Choy is brought to you by Integrated Hydroponic India Pvt. Ltd., located at A-25 Noida Sector-59, 201301 Uttar Pradesh, and is marketed by the same entity. For any inquiries or assistance, reach out to the customer care team via email at or by phone at +91-9990235399.

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