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Enza Zaden - Bell pepper VOLANTE F1 (yellow)

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Enza Zaden - Bell pepper VOLANTE F1 (yellow)

  • Abundant Harvest: Produce an ample supply of sweet and crispy yellow bell peppers.

  • Sunny Yellow: Enjoy the rich, sunny color of VOLANTE F1 bell peppers in your garden and kitchen.

  • Delicious Flavor: Relish the sweet and crisp taste of homegrown bell peppers in various culinary creations.

  • Premium Quality: Trust in the top-quality seeds from Enza Zaden for strong plant growth and plentiful yields.

  • Versatile Growing: These seeds thrive in different gardening settings, including backyards and containers.

  • Gardening Joy: Whether you're a newbie or a pro, growing VOLANTE F1 Yellow Bell Peppers promises a satisfying gardening experience.

  • Premium Variety: These seeds offer a premium bell pepper variety known for its outstanding traits.

  • Homegrown Delight: Enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting your own flavorful yellow bell peppers for your meals.

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SPECIFICATION Grow vibrant and sweet yellow bell peppers in your garden with Enza Zaden's VOLANTE F1 Yellow Bell Pepper seeds. This high-quality seed pack is perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners, ensuring a bountiful harvest of crisp, sunny peppers.

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