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Namdhari - NS 22 CABBAGE 10gm

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Namdhari - NS 22 CABBAGE 10gm


NS 22

Hybrid type

Round Head Hybrid

Relative days to maturity (DS)


Plant habit

very vigorous

Foliage colour

Bluish green

Head shape

Round to semi round

Head Weight (KG)


Head firmness

very good

Core length



excellent field holding, suitable for late season

Grow Light
SPECIFICATION The "NS 22" chili variety is a Round Head Hybrid known for its distinctive features. It typically matures in about 70 days and exhibits a very vigorous plant habit with bluish-green foliage that adds an attractive touch to the field. The chili heads are predominantly round to semi-round in shape and have a substantial weight, ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 kilograms, with very good firmness. NS 22 is particularly valued for its excellent field holding capacity, making it an ideal choice for late-season cultivation. This chili variety is a reliable option for growers seeking a robust and late-season harvest.

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