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24 Plant Vertical Hydroponic Balcony System

  • Brand:Inhydro
  • Product Code:Balcony Hydroponic

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Product Specification
Channel Material HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
No Of Plant 24 Plant Vertical Hydroponic Balcony System
System Size(L✖W✖H) 5 feet(L) x 1 feet (W) x 5 feet (H)
NFT Channel Size(L✖W) 100x50 MM
System Structure G I ( Galvanized Iron )
Manufacture InHydro
Country of Origin Made in India
Include Component
NFT Channel 3 NFT Channel
Nutrients Tank 20 Ltr.
Net Pots 24 Net Pots
Water Pump Submersible pump
Inlet & Outlet Line Yes
Seedling Tray Yes
Grow Media Yes
Seeds Yes

24 Plant Vertical Hydroponic Balcony System

This vertical hydroponic system is designed to grow the maximum number of plants in the least amount of space, allowing you to grow 24 plants in small space. Being an amazing space saver with a solid and stable structure it can be placed in any rooftop, balcony or multiple systems can be connected together to give you high yields with minimum use of space.   


The system Features  03 NFT Channels 3 on each side, size of channels 4 inch by 2.5 inch  Sitting on a Zig Zag Frame 


Total Size:   4 feet Length, 2 feet Width,  4 feet Height. 


System includes:

- 3 x  NFT growing Channels,

- 3 x Lid With 24 pre-drilled holes

- Zig Zag coated PVC frame  

-24 Net Cups 

- Nutrient Reservoir  ( Sump Tank)

- Submersible pump

- Feed and Drain Lines 

- End caps

- LECA Grow Media 

- Sample Nutrient

- All parts and fittings included.

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