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Hydroponic Grow Cubes - Oasis Cubes 3120 Pack (20 Sheets)

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Hydroponic Grow Cubes - Oasis Cubes 3120 Pack (20 Sheets)

Product description

Steps to use: 
1. Remove from carton: Gently pull grow sheet from carton 
2. Place sheets into trays: If your primary watering method uses overhead irrigation, use a solid-Bottom tray with drain holes. However, if your primary method uses sub-irrigation, use a web-bottom tray. Note: DO NOT use a solid tray without drain holes because excess water needs to be drained freely. 
3. Place seed(s) in dibble hole: Seeds can be placed manually or via mechanical equipment in the single- or multi-seed holes when the sheet is either dry or wet. 
5. Germination: In the case of lettuce or most herbs, place the sheets in a dark room at temperatures of between 18.8 to 20 ̊C. The trays need to be moved from the dark room to the greenhouse at 48 hours after the initiation of the germination process. Leaving the trays beyond the 48 hours can lead to stretching of the seedlings. 
6. Irrigation during Seedling Production: 
Day 1: Seedling / initial watering 
Day 2: No watering required 
Day 3: Mist once or twice with nutrient solution (100 - 125 ppm) 
Day 4: Mist once or twice with nutrient solution (100 - 125 ppm) 
Day 5: Mist or water with a hose and a breaker required (every day or every alternate day) until they are transplanted 
7. Transplant: Wait until you have at least two true leaves and tap root coming out of the bottom of the matrix. Typically, the seedlings are ready for transplant in 12 to 14 days during the summer and 16 to 18 days during the winter. Individual sheets cubes are designed with a deep razor cut on the top and a shallow razor cut on the bottom to allow for clean separation from the full sheets. Separation occurs by using a top-down motion 
8. Storage: Unused sheets should be left in a closed carton. The carton should be stored in a dry location away from direct sunlight.

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