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64 Plants Wall Mounted Indoor Hydroponics Setup

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Effortless Vertical Gardening with Wall Mounted Hydroponics System

64 Plants Wall Mounted Indoor Hydroponics Setup

Hydroponic gardening is one of the best ways to grow fresh vegetables year-round. It is also a great alternative for growing a variety of plants in smaller spaces, such as indoors. Hydroponic gardening is simply a means of growing plants without soil. The re-circulating irrigation system also means you can grow fresh, healthy plants in a much cleaner environment. Our Indoor Hydroponic system is not only easy to use, but uniquely designed to limit contamination and algae growth, all without the need for pesticides or herbicides. The result is fresh, clean, and healthy plants that are fun to grow and quick from mini-farm-to-table.

Save time and cost, and maybe even share

Now you can have your Leafy Greens crops. Indoor NFT model growth capacity depends on the models, during one growth cycle in less time using energysaving, full spectrum Grow LED Lighting. This means you can grow multiple types of plants at once or grow all the same variety.

Multiple uses in multiple spaces

From homes to restaurants to work environment, our indoor NFT hydroponic system fits in just as well in your kitchen as it does in a restaurant or in office. Furthermore, it can be putogether in a few configurations, tallowing for additional options in what you grow

Grow lights

Using Grow light sources to provide the proper amount of light the crops will need each day, regardless of conditions outdoors, without needing a lot of energy to do so. Also, by using a specific spectrum of visible lighting you are giving the plants a tailored range of wavelengths giving them what they need to grow the crop.


Once you put in the ingredients (i.e. water, seeds, nutrients) you have your own proper grow system that you just need to execute and decide when you want to crop and it’s all indoors! All the components you’ll need are already included in an Indoor NFT Hydponic modal

Safe & clean

Indoor NFT System is designed to limit contamination and algae growth, all without the need for pesticides or herbicides. A regular lean, clean greens growing machine


You’ll have all the requires materials and instructions you need to be growing your own crops within a few weeks using Indoor hydroponic system.It’s easy to install and very easy to use. Just add water, nutrients and stir, as in stirring yourself a leafy greens while waiting for your next batch of leafy greens to grow.

Looks Great

With a contemporaneous, flexible design Indoor NFT hydroponic models can fit right into your house, like an attractive piece of furniture that also provides food.


Indoor NFT Systems are modular enough to cater to a wide variety of crops
They are ideal for low-profile, short term leafy green crops, such as:
Leafy vegetables: Lettuce, Micr greens, Cabbage, Chinese cabbage,
Spinach, Kale, Coriander, Oregano, Mints, Basil, Bok Choy etc.

Benefits of Indoor NFT Hydroponic Models

Safe and Healthy Food:

Buying vegetables or fruits from the market can be a risk to your life, generally we do not
know where they are grown, which chemicals are used during their production, or worse that
they might be a carrier of infection. We also understand that things can be a little trickier
when it comes to home gardening, that is why we made Indoor NFT Hydroponic models to
make things simpler and to help you in the times when you need it most.

Let you harvest when u want:

Farmers grown crop as per sessions. Generally, farmers harvest their crops, but this results in a
lesser amount of nutrients and minerals in the produce. When we grow our food at home, we can
harvest it at the time of their maturity, and grown crops asper your interest. The Indoor NFT
Hydroponic model gives you freedom in every aspect of food production so that you can get the
best quality product packed with nutrition at your home.

Reduces your Carbon Emission:

Every small step to save our environment is valuable. A study shows that adding home-grown
vegetables to your diet can reduce your carbon emission by 35 %. The food sector accounts for
over 25 % of the total carbon emission. The primary cause of the emission is the transportation of
produce from the farm to the market. By growing your food at home, you are contributing for a
better tomorrow.




Product Specification
Channel Material HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
No Of Plant 64 Plants Wall Mounted
No Of Grow Light 8 Grow Light
System Size(L✖W✖H) 10 feet(L) x 0.56feet (W) x 6 feet (H)
NFT Channel Size(L✖W) 100 X 50 MM
System Structure G I ( Galvanized Iron )
Manufacture InHydro
Country of Origin Made in India
Include Component
NFT Channel 8 NFT Channel
Nutrients Tank 30 Ltr
Net Pots 64 Net Pots
Water Pump Submersible pump
Inlet & Outlet Line Yes
Seedling Tray Yes
Grow Media Yes ( Clay Ball )
Seeds Yes

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