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Bluelab IntelliLink

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Streamline Your Growing Process with Bluelab IntelliLink

Bluelab IntelliLink

Easily connect IntelliDose into Edenic cloud software.

The IntelliLink provides internet connectivity to Bluelab Intelli devices, including IntelliDose. With IntelliLink, you can remotely access these systems via Edenic software.

  • Connects Bluelab IntelliDose Controller to the internet
  • Connect to your local router via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
  • Get your intelli-data on your mobile device
  • Remotely change recipes or parameters
  • Multiple devices via a single login
  • Requires Edenic software app

The Bluelab IntelliLink serves as a gateway, bringing your Bluelab IntelliDose Controller device into Edenic software. Easily connecting to your router via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi; the IntelliLink allows you to stay mobile and manage your crops remotely.

Measure and adjust your key grow parameters including pH, nutrient dosing, irrigation and fertigation when used with an Bluelab IntelliDose Controller. 

The Bluelab IntelliLink provides internet connectivity for up to four Intelli devices, allowing remote accessibility to Edenic software.

With Bluelab IntelliLink and Edenic, monitor your crops, remotely control your devices, receive real-time alarms on your mobile device, and use the unlimited history feature to enable data-driven decision making. Anywhere, anytime.

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