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Enza Zaden - Hy Cauliflower FAIRWAY 1000 seeds

  • Brand:Inhydro
  • Product Code:Vegetable seeds

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Enza Zaden - Hy Cauliflower FAIRWAY 1000 seeds

  • Variety: Hy Cauliflower FAIRWAY
  • Quantity: 1000 seeds per pack
  • Quality: Known for its consistent and high-quality cauliflower heads.
  • Performance: This variety performs exceptionally well in various growing conditions.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both home gardeners and commercial growers.
  • Taste: Delivers a delicious, mild cauliflower flavor.
  • Texture: Produces crisp and tender cauliflower heads.
  • Uniformity: Known for its uniform head shape and size.
  • Reliability: A trusted choice for consistent cauliflower production.
  • Ideal Use: Perfect for salads, roasting, steaming, and various culinary applications.
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SPECIFICATION Enza Zaden's Hy Cauliflower FAIRWAY" is a premium cauliflower variety known for its exceptional quality and performance. With a pack of 1000 seeds, it's a top choice for cauliflower enthusiasts and professional growers alike.

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