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Aglaonema Red indoor hover image

Aglaonema Red indoor

ZZ is a rhizome plant having its origin in drought prone areas of Africa. It has thick waxy green le..


Aglonema Lipstick  indoor hover image

Aglonema Lipstick indoor

Aglaonema Lipstick is a great home-plant with beautiful red-tinted leaves.This stylish species will ..


Calathea Makoyana Natural Live Plant hover image

Calathea Makoyana Natural Live Plant

Calathea Makoyana Will be a Good Add on for your Maratha Calathea Prayer Plant CollectionProduct Mat..


Flowering Carmona Indoor Bonsai 4 year Old

Flowering Carmona Indoor Bonsai 4 year Old

Carmona makes for a sparkling and delightful houseplant as a bonsai tree.Carmona bonsai tree do not ..


Good Luck Jade Plant hover image

Good Luck Jade Plant

Ugaoo Good Luck Jade Plant with Self Watering PotCrassula green mini or Jade Plant is easy to care f..


Live Aglonema Green Plant hover image

Live Aglonema Green Plant

Aglaonema Green are regarded as one of the best choices across the gardening fraternity of the globe..


Lucky Bamboo & Jade Plant hover image

Lucky Bamboo & Jade Plant

It's said that 'Lucky plants' have the ability to attract good fortune and prosperity to your home i..


money plant hover image

money plant

âThis money plant has green foliage; a set of lush greenness gives an amazing peace to the eyes.âThi..


Pepromia Green Live Plant hover image

Pepromia Green Live Plant

The plant is also suitable for tabletop gardening, dish garden & terrariums.The waxy, creamy, le..


Philodendron Broken Heart Indoor hover image

Philodendron Broken Heart Indoor

Air Purifier and easy to grow plant.Grow this great vining houseplant that is characterized by dark ..


Schefflera Green  indoor hover image

Schefflera Green indoor

The designs formed on floors and walls in the sunlight lends a pleasing look to a room.If provided w..


Syngonium Weindlandii hover image

Syngonium Weindlandii

Syngonium Wendlandii is great plant for purifying the air in your home.Its heart shaped, silver-whit..


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