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Melon Seedling (10 Sapling )

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SOWING DISTANCE Plant to Plant - 8-10 inches, Line to Line - 14-18 inches
No OF seedling 10
Soil Sow the seeds directly in the soil at around half-inch depth. Hydroponics: Transfer the seedlings to any hydroponic set-up once 8-10 leaves are developed.

Melon Seedling (10 Sapling )

  • Temperature & Light: Plants thrives in temperature between 20-40° C with high humidity. Plants requires 3-to-4-hours sunlight.
  • Soil: A well-drained potting soil is perfect.
  • Water: Water thoroughly in the summer, reduce watering in monsoon and winter, but Keep potting mix evenly moist. Don't mist, which will cause to rot the leaves
  • Fertilizer: A good organic fertilizer or liquid fertilizer during the growing season
  • Pest and Diseases:The most common insect or pest is foliar and root mealybugs. Infested plants become stunted, and with severe infestations, plant parts begin to die. Scales, aphids, and mites cause few problems with this plant.

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