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SAKATA - Chinese Cabbage Hybrid MELODY 10gm

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SAKATA - Chinese Cabbage Hybrid MELODY 10gm

  1. Exceptional Flavor and Texture: MELODY offers a delectable, mildly sweet flavor and crisp, crunchy texture, ideal for salads, stir-fries, and pickling.

  2. Quick and High-Yield Growth: This hybrid cabbage matures rapidly and boasts a high-yield potential, providing abundant cabbage heads per plant.

  3. Resilient and Compact: MELODY exhibits robust growth with resistance to common pests and diseases. Its compact size suits both large gardens and smaller spaces, including container gardening.

  4. Versatile and Easy to Grow: It's versatile in the kitchen, suitable for various dishes, and easy to cultivate, making it a great choice for gardeners of all skill levels.

  5. Premium Quality and Homegrown Satisfaction: Sakata's reputation for premium seeds ensures a reliable choice for home gardens, allowing you to enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own high-quality produce.

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SPECIFICATION Sakata Chinese Cabbage Hybrid MELODY is a premium variety of Chinese cabbage known for its exceptional flavor, crunchy texture, and ease of cultivation. With its distinctive characteristics, this hybrid variety is a favorite among home gardeners and professional growers alike.

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