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Squash (Winter) Seedling (10 Sapling )

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  • Product Code:Vegetable Seedlings

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Moisture Needs Regular Watering
SOWING DISTANCE Plant to Plant - 8-10 inches, Line to Line - 14-18 inches
No OF seedling 10
Soil Sow the seeds directly in the soil at around half-inch depth. Hydroponics: Transfer the seedlings to any hydroponic set-up once 8-10 leaves are developed.

Squash (Winter) Seedling (10 Sapling )

  • Fruits are spineless with 5-6 ridges, delicate aroma and good keeping quality.
  • Resistant to Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus (YVMV)
  • Pack of 10 seeds
  • Harvesting Starts within 45-55 days of Transplanting.

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