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Vermiculite 1kg

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Vermiculite 1kg

  • Germinate seeds using the smallest size of vermiculite as a growing medium and the largest size for improved soil aeration.
  • vermiculite are used in the horticultural industry because they both provide aeration and drainage, they can retain and hold substantial amounts of water and later release it as needed, they are sterile and free from diseases, they have a fairly neutral pH (especially perlite which is neutral), and they are readily available, non-toxic, safe to use, and relatively inexpensive.
  • Vermiculite is used as a soil amendment to promote better aeration and root growth or as a component in planting media
  • Sudden Death Of Seedlings Is Thwarted Since Vermiculite Is Sterile And The Seedlings Are Easily Removed Without Damage To The Roots Thereby Reducing The Pricking-Out Losses.
  • Maintains Vigorous Growth Of Flowers, Potted Plants And Vegetable Gardens, Increases 30-50 % Productivity, Quality Of Produce And Therefore More Profit.
Grow Media
Color brown – color
Item Weight 1 kg

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