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Fresh Figs exotic fruits - 8 pc

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    1 Piece Fresh Figs Exotic Fruits: Juicy and Flavorful Delight

    Fresh Figs exotic fruits - 8 pc

    Fresh figs, also known as Anjeer, are small to medium sized, with a bright green to yellowish coloured skin. Their flesh is pink blush to deep magenta with a mass of juicy seeds. They have honey like sweetness with fresh flavor and nuttiness from the numerous seeds.

    Benefits : 

    • Nutrient-Rich Goodness:

      • Fresh figs are packed with essential nutrients, including dietary fiber, vitamins (such as vitamin A, B6, and K), and minerals (such as potassium, copper, and manganese).
    • Digestive Wellness:

      • The high fiber content in fresh figs supports digestive health, aiding in regular bowel movements and potentially reducing the risk of constipation.
      • Antioxidant Defense:
          • Figs contain antioxidants like polyphenols, which help combat oxidative stress, protect cells from damage, and contribute to overall well-being.
          • Heart-Friendly Properties:
          • Potassium in figs supports heart health by helping regulate blood pressure, and the soluble fiber may contribute to lower cholesterol levels, promoting cardiovascular well-being.
          • Versatile Culinary Delight:
            • Fresh figs add a deliciously sweet and unique flavor to a variety of dishes, making them a versatile and nutritious addition to salads, desserts,
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    Integrated Hydroponic India Pvt. Ltd. A-25 Noida Sector-59, 201301 Uttar Pradesh

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    Integrated Hydroponic India Pvt. Ltd. A-25 Noida Sector-59, 201301 Uttar Pradesh

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