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Hydroponics System

Hydroponic Consulting Services

Our Hydroponics Experts love helping urban growers in their hydroponics farms and design custom solutions that optimize crop production.With our consulting services, our hydroponics experts will design Farming system, lighting, Controlled environment and business solutions for your unique situation.

Scope of services

  • Controlled Environment Design& Consulting
  • Lighting Consulting & Design
  • Greenhouse Consulting
  • Refrigeration Consulting
  • Food Safety Consulting
  • Business Planning & Consulting
  • Hydroponic System Setup Service
  • Custom Nutrient Formulations
  • Training of handling staff.
  • All necessary accessories.
  • Water parameter testing
  • Site feasibility & feedback report
  • Designing Farm as per site conditions
  • After sales services.
  • Grow support for first grow cycle.

We offer after sales service and ongoing maintenance.

If you are experienced or a beginner, operating a full-service hydroponic greenhouse or growing hydroponic herbs on your home. We have what you need from additives, supplements, organic and hydroponics nutrients, a full range of bulbs and complete grow light systems. Co2 gas systems and other cutting edge products to maximize yields

Have a question?

Give us a call and we will be happy to help you. Need more information on a topic? Looking to build your own hydroponics system? We can advise you.

We Assure

Space &
water efficiency

high-quality produce

No harmful
pesticide use

crop Production

We offer after sales service and ongoing maintenance.

After services are also available to simplify your crop cycles. Tell us about your crop production schedule and we can send all your packaging, labels, seeds, and growing media to you once per quarter.