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NS 636 FINE/PENCIL BEANS(Namdhari)-500g

  • Brand:Inhydro
  • Product Code:Vegetable Seeds

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NS 636 FINE/PENCIL BEANS(Namdhari)-500g


Indeterminate plants with twining habit. Flowering commences from 40-45 days after sowing. Pods are long (55-60 cm), light green, tender, fleshy and sweet in taste. The variety is suitable mainly for rainy season and also for winter where it is mild.
  • Hybrid type:  Yard Long Beans
  • Growth Habit (DT):  Indeteminate
  • Relative days to maturity(DS) - Green:  50-55
  • Pod Characteristics:  Purple, long pods(35-40cm) tender and fleshy
  • Crop Duration (in days):  95-100
  • Yield:  High plants

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