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Exotics Seeds

Lettuce Botiola (1000-seeds) hover image

Lettuce Botiola (1000-seeds)

A winter standard.Large sized variety which grows very well throughout winter. Delivers reliable pu..


Lettuce Lunix (1000-seeds) hover image

Lettuce Lunix (1000-seeds)

A very deep red colored Oakleaf varietyLarge in size and very well filled, but not too dense.Slight..


Lettuce Tuska (1000-seeds) hover image

Lettuce Tuska (1000-seeds)

 Large, robust Lollo Rossa type.  Recommended for open field productionForms full hea..


Lettuce Vizir (1000-seeds) hover image

Lettuce Vizir (1000-seeds)

Fresh, blond-green Oakleaf.Large plant frameHigh leaf uniformitySmall leaf base.Green Oak leaf Lettu..


Lettuce – Batavia – Caipira (1000-seeds) hover image

Lettuce – Batavia – Caipira (1000-seeds)

Green colored lettuce Batavia varietyLarge Curly head Erect plant typeRecommended for hydroponi..


Basil Emilly-10g hover image

Basil Emilly-10g

A compact Genovese type basil with medium to large leaves.Emily is adapted to both field and greenh..


Genevose – basil – Dolly (1000-seeds) hover image

Genevose – basil – Dolly (1000-seeds)

Our largest-leaved Genovese type basil that is very uniform and fast growing.Dolly demonstrates bet..


Rosemary - Remy-10g hover image

Rosemary - Remy-10g

Suited for fresh cut and pot.  ..


Iceberg - Glendana(1000-seeds) hover image

Iceberg - Glendana(1000-seeds)

Medium-sized iceberg lettuce for summerVery uniform and adaptable variety with good heat tolerance ..


Iceberg - Saula (1000-seeds) hover image

Iceberg - Saula (1000-seeds)

Green colored lettuce variety with dense and solid headsStays green even in high light intensitiesS..


Oregano - Paula-10g hover image

Oregano - Paula-10g

Suited for fresh Cut, pot and processing herbPink flowering standards..


Parsley - Wega-50g hover image

Parsley - Wega-50g

Novelty in type Moss curled, with dark green upright leaves and of perfect homogeneity Very good s..


Parsley Peione-50g hover image

Parsley Peione-50g

Parsley Peione is a perfect Gigante d’Italia with high homogeneity, dark green color and bigger le..


Purple/Red Basil – Rosie (1000-seeds) hover image

Purple/Red Basil – Rosie (1000-seeds)

Rosie is a beautiful red basil variety with an intense, solid dark red color. Compact plant with u..


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